Oxford City 2 vs Cumnor 1 [Match report]

Cumnor 1 had a tough away game on Monday night, playing against a strong City 2 side.

City 2 Cumnor 1
1 Lee, Anthony (168) 1 – 0 Stevens, Gareth (143)
2 Biswas, Karl (149) ½ – ½ Glenn, Liam (129)
3 Yates, John O (141) 1 – 0 Alvarez, Francisco (118)
4 Brindley, Malcolm (137) 1 – 0 Cluley, Graham (118)
5 Brooke, Ian R (131) 1 – 0 Jones, Michael (117)
6 McLeod, Peter (133) ½ – ½ Bennett, Steven (108)
Match played: 4 Mar 2013 5 – 1

If you look at the grades, Cumnor 1 was outflanked on all boards, and we were suffering from two of our top players – Andrew Varney (143) and Mark Sayers (141) – not being available to play for us on the night.

Nevertheless, Steve and Liam performed well, capturing draws. Meanwhile, in what could have been a winning position, Graham made an unfortunate blunder ensuring the loss of a piece and forcing his resignation.

Although it’s never fun to lose 5-1, it looks like Cumnor 1 will escape relegation to division 3 as Cowley Workers remain a fair few points below us, and it seems unlikely that they will manage to bridge the gap.

This would mean that, for the first time in its history, Cumnor 1 will be remaining in the same division rather than yo-yoing up and down.

Here’s the latest standing of the OCA Division 2 teams:

Division 2, league table

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