Beautifully entertaining chess positions [VIDEO]

I’m a big fan of the website – also accessible via an iPhone and Android app. is great, not only because it’s a strong online community of literally *millions* of chess players around the world who you can pit your playing skills against, but also because of the depth of other resources available on the site – including tournaments, tactics trainers, and video tutorials and lessons from some of the world’s best players.

Here’s one of their videos which I found on YouTube, and it’s particularly wonderful.

In this video, Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili shows some of the most amazing positions he has ever encountered – and they’re delightful. Whatever level of chess player you are, there is much to enthrall you here.

You have to become a paying “Diamond” member to have full access to the hundreds of videos on

I think it’s a good investment for those who can afford it, because of the sheer wealth of information that could help you both improve your game, and increase your love for the beauty of chess.

PS. Of course, all of the games we play at Cumnor Chess Club qualify as “beautifully entertaining” – just in case you were wondering..

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