Close but no Cigar… Cumnor 1 vs MCS/B1 [Match Report]

Cumnor 1 lost a very close match last night against Champions elect Magdalen College School Blackbirds 1 (MCS/B1).

Cumnor 1 MCS/B 1
1 Varney, Andrew (143) 0 – 1 Daggitt, Matthew (186)
2 Sayers, Mark (141) 0 – 1 D’Souza-Eva, Jon (191)
3 Stevens, Gareth (143) ½ – ½ Cole, Graham (137)
4 Glenn, Liam (129) 1 – 0 Ward, Eric (140)
5 Carr, Robin (128) 1 – 0 Sayers, David (124)
6 Jones, Michael (117) 0 – 1 Bush, Ian (120)
Match played: 21 Mar 2013 2½ – 3½

Robin was the first to finish (a small surprise) when David Sayers miscalculated and called a check when there was none, allowing Robin to take his Queen.

Gareth managed a draw with black, while I won a piece and my opponent resigned putting us 2.5-0.5 up.

However, Mike lost a piece, and Mark lost the exchange and was always going to have a difficult game from then on.

Andrew was the last to finish with a very complicated endgame with very little time for either players, and went on to lose on time.

Our last game of the season is away to Wantage in a month’s time.

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2 thoughts on “Close but no Cigar… Cumnor 1 vs MCS/B1 [Match Report]”

  1. Although a shame we didn’t win the match (which would have been quite an upset as MCS/B1 are top of the division.. just look at their grades), I think you chaps should be proud of games well fought.

    And, of course, there is cause for some celebration – we’re definitely staying in ODCL division 2 next year. :)

  2. What the report doesn’t say is that I had the upper hand throughout the game, and at the point of the time scramble was a pawn up with a better position until a series of blunders gave my opponent the game at the very end. AV

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