Cumnor 2 vs Cowley Workers 2 match scheduled for Thursday night

This Thursday (28th March), Cumnor 2 will be playing at home against Cowley Workers 2 in a match which was previously postponed because Cowley Workers 2 weren’t able to rustle up enough chess players.

It should be an interesting chess match – not least because Latin American legend Francisco “Pako” Alvarez (118) is lined up to do battle for Cumnor 2 against the very team that he used to play for!

Will Cowley Workers 2 know the Latin American legend’s weaknesses on the chessboard, or will they be awestruck by his opening manoeuvres? Only time will tell..

Cowley Workers 2 are currently at the bottom of the 4th division of the ODCL, with Cumnor 2 comfortably placed mid-table.

The clocks will start at 7:30pm.

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Graham Cluley

When he's not playing chess rather poorly for Cumnor Chess Club, Graham is normally talking a lot about computer security on his blog, or insisting people listen to his podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @gcluley.

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