Cumnor 2 beat a sorry Cowley Workers 2 [Match Report]

Cumnor 2 finally managed to get its game against Cowley Workers 2 on Thursday evening.

You may recall that the match was originally scheduled to be played earlier this month, but had to be postponed due to a lack of players on the Cowley Workers side.

Unfortunately, Cowley Workers 2 still only managed to bring five players with them to last night’s rescheduled match – meaning they had defaulted one board from the beginning.

Robert and Graham finished their games first, both with wins and with oddly-similar mates involving both Bishops (see the final positions in the diagrams below).

Liam also got a win making it 4-0 to the Cumnor team playing at home.

Pako picked up an endgame draw but unfortunately Mike lost.

Cumnor 2 Cowley Workers 2
1 Glenn, Liam (129) 1 – 0 Matilal, Tamal (128)
2 Alvarez, Francisco (118) ½ – ½ Cartwright, Paul (113)
3 Jones, Michael (117) 0 – 1 Miller, David H (91)
4 Cluley, Graham (118) 1 – 0 Buckland, Chris ( )
5 Steel, Robert (89) 1 – 0 Joy, Nathan ( )
6 Bennett, Steven (108) 1 – 0 _default_ (-)
Match played: 28 Mar 2013 4½ – 1½

Final board position for Graham Cluley (Cumnor 2) vs Chris Buckland (Cowley Workers 2):


Final board position for Nathan Joy (Cowley Workers 2) vs Robert Steel (Cumnor 2):


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