Cumnor 2 vs Wantage 2 [Match Report]

Back in December, a team of six brave Cumnor 2 chess players visited Wantage – seizing victory 4-2 on Wantage 2’s home turf.

Last night, it was time for the rematch, and Wantage 2 visited Cumnor Chess Club to play the Cumnor 2 squad.

Cumnor 2 Wantage 2
1 Glenn, Liam (129) 0 – 1 Hemmings, Peter (132)
2 Jones, Michael (117) ½ – ½ Booker, Julian (115)
3 Cluley, Graham (118) 1 – 0 Barker, Richard (113)
4 Bennett, Steven (108) 1 – 0 Cordon, Ray (104)
5 Steel, Robert (89) 0 – 1 Rey, Alvaro (88)
6 Harrop, Richard (56) ½ – ½ Hockaday, Derek ( )
Match played: 11 Apr 2013 3 – 3

Here’s how the different games went:

Liam Glenn (129), played Black on board one against the experienced Peter Hemmings (132), and appeared for most of the game to be in a stronger position. Unfortunately, as Liam seemed to be pressing home his advantage, he overlooked something which had appeared insignificant, and the tide rapidly turned. Well-considered play by White resulted in a win for Wantage, and put an end to a series of excellent match results for Liam.

Michael Jones (117), on board two, feels he’s had a bad run recently, and approached the chessboard with a certain degree of trepidation.

Playing as White, Mike played a fairly closed game, hoping his opponent would get bored and make a silly mistake. Mike’s experienced opponent didn’t fall into the trap, however, and Mike’s attempts to get his bishop behind enemy lines and force a mating position were rebuffed.

Realising that the game had reached an impasse, Black offered a draw which Mike gladly accepted.

Although claiming he couldn’t remember the last time someone played the Ruy Lopez against him, Graham Cluley (118) played confidently as Black, and managed to pin down most of his opponent’s major pieces, tying them in the tightest of knots.

White critically weakened his defences by advancing the pawns in front of his King, perhaps to attempt some counterplay, but the killer blow was a dramatic Bishop sacrifice by Graham after which there was no doubt as to the outcome. A win for Cumnor 2!

On board four, Cumnor 2 captain Steve Bennett (110) played strongly with an English opening, and gained a piece over his opponent. Careful, methodical play ultimately resulted in another win for Cumnor 2.

Meanwhile, on board five, Robert Steel (89) lost his match. However, I didn’t see any of it – so I can’t possibly explain what happened! Robert, if you want to fill in the gaps, please feel free!

Richard Harrop (56), on board six, spent most of the game a pawn done. He managed to rectify this in the endgame, but due to two opposite-squared bishops the game ended in a draw due to “repetitive check syndrome”!

Cumnor 2 vs Wantage 2 result:
3 – 3

Cumnor 2’s next chess match is an away game against Witney 4, on Monday 22 April.

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