Wantage 1 vs Cumnor 1 [Match Report]

The Cumnor 1 chess team caused an upset on Tuesday night, managing to beat Wantage 1.

Wantage 1 Cumnor 1
1 Walden, Andrew (204) ½ – ½ Varney, Andrew (143)
2 Bush, Martin L (149) 1 – 0 Sayers, Mark (141)
3 Brown, Gordon D (148) 0 – 1 Glenn, Liam (129)
4 Piggott, Roly (143) ½ – ½ Jones, Michael (117)
5 Richards, Simon A (141) 0 – 1 Varney, Daniel (111)
6 Spalding, George H (136) ½ – ½ Bennett, Steven (108)
Match played: 23 Apr 2013 2½ – 3½

With some of Cumnor 1’s players unavailable to play because of vacations, Wantage might have been expecting a less than challenging match. How mistaken they were!

Liam Glenn (129) was the first to finish his game, somehow managing to get a win after his opponent weakened his kingside attempting an attack. Liam managed to deflect the attack and gained enough material to force his opponent to resign.

Junior player Daniel Varney (111), who was playing his first ever game in Division 2, and his second game in two consecutive evenings for Cumnor, won against Simon Richards (141) with a very quick Smith-Morra kingside attack.

Steve Bennett (108) and Mike Jones (117) both drew against, again, much stronger players with both playing with black.

Andrew Varney (143) secured the win for Cumnor, with a draw against a player rated a mighty 204! Understandably, Andrew feels pretty good about that!

Mark Sayers (141) was the last Cumnor player to finish. Mark played a very long game, and with only seconds left on his clock found himself in a Knight vs Bishop endgame. Unfortunately, Mark had the knight.

Cumnor 1 can feel very proud of their performance against Wantage, outranked as we were on every board by the opponents’ grades.

Nice work chaps!

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