Cumnor 2, Division 4: season report for 2012/2013

chessboardWith the chess-playing season over, it’s time to look back over our second team’s performance in the last year.

The second team gives a chance for the Juniors and the improving players to have a competitive game in the league, playing in OCA Division 4.

In our first game we started well with a 5-1 win over Cowley 4.

However, despite that good start there was bad news on the horizon. We lost the next 4 games against MCS/B2 (1.5-4.5), St Claire’s (2-4), Cowley Workers 2 (2.5-3.5) and City 4 (2.5-3.5).

We did manage to pick up form before Christmas with a 4-2 win over Wantage 2, and carried on after the new year with a 5-1 win over Cowley 4.

Cumnor 2 ended January with a 4-2 win against Witney 4.

A loss to MCS/B2 4.5-1.5 was followed by a 5.5-0.5 win over St Claire’s which was the highest win for either team of the season.

There was an unfortunate blip when we forgot an away fixture against City 4. As we defaulted on all six boards we were penalised one point. Ouch.

However, we picked a win against Cowley Workers 2, 4.5-1.5, and our only draw 3-3 versus Wantage 2. Our final game was against Witney 4 which ended with a 4-2 loss.

Cumnor 2 ended up finishing 6th with 12 points (one defaulted point) which means we will continue to compete in Division 4 next season.

Division 4 results, 2012/2013 season

Well done to Pako, Susana, Steve, Roger, Graham, Liam, Richard, Leo, Marc, Mike, Michaela, Nathan, Robert, David, Daniel, Zoe, Clive and Ann – who all played this season, and for the rest of Cumnor Chess Club for their support.

Stat of the season: 18 chess players competed for Cumnor 2 this season, enough for 3 teams! This demonstrates, I believe, the healthy state of Cumnor Chess Club – as we can draw on a lot of talent!

The final table can be found here on the OCA website and the scores of individual team players can be found here.

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