Cumnor 1 vs Witney 2 [Match Report]

Cumnor Chess Club’s depleted first team lost 5-1 on Thursday night at home to Witney 2.

Cumnor 1 Witney 2
1 Stevens, Gareth (149) 0 – 1 Truran, Michael (188)
2 Glenn, Liam (140) 0 – 1 Weston, Richard (157)
3 Carr, Robin (126) 0 – 1 Searle, Howard AJ (147)
4 Steel, Robert (87) 0 – 1 O’Byrne, Daniel (143)
5 Ives, Marc ( ) ½ – ½ Edwards, Derek F (143)
6 Ives, Leonora ( ) ½ – ½ Smith, Paul ( )
Match played: 31 Oct 2013 1 – 5

Games against Witney 2 are always difficult, and this time things weren’t helped by a number of Cumnor 1 players being unavailable due to holidays, work and sickness.

Gareth Stevens played against Mike Truran on top board, a close game was played out between the two players however Mike had enough to win.

Liam Glenn had a great game with Richard, both players went on the attack very early. However, a small miscalculation by Liam allowed Richard to gain a tempo and went on to win. Richard pointed out that the last time they played, they where playing on board 6 of their respective teams!

Both Robin Carr and Robert Steel had hard games against much stronger players, and both went on to lose.

It was Marc Ives and young Leonora Ives who stepped up to the mark and gained some points for Cumnor 1.

Marc had a close game and got the draw as Derek was slipping into time trouble and Leonora was winning her game but her opponent managed a repetitive check. He was very complimentary about her game.

Our next game is Wednesday against Didcot 1 who have won both of their games so far this season. We have sadly lost both. :(

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