Cumnor 1 vs Oxford City 2 [Match Report]

Last Thursday saw Cumnor 1 gain their first league win of the season at home to Oxford City 2.

After suffering a couple of heavy losses in recent weeks, it was Cumnor’s turn to move up a gear and win handsomely.

Cumnor 1 City 2
1 Stevens, Gareth (149) 0 – 1 Smith, Roger A ( )
2 Varney, Andrew (146) 1 – 0 Biswas, Karl (147)
3 Glenn, Liam (140) 1 – 0 Yates, John O (142)
4 Varney, Daniel (133) 1 – 0 Godfrey, David (140)
5 Sayers, Mark (134) 1 – 0 Smith, Lucy K (125)
6 Carr, Robin (126) 1 – 0 Brooke, Ian R (109)
Match played: 21 Nov 2013 5 – 1

The first to finish was Daniel who played the Smith-Morra gambit as white. He sacrificed two pieces in the build-up to the mate.

Gareth on top board played against a Smith-Morra and suffered the same fate, 1-1.

Andrew won a piece early in the game and went in to win, while Liam was under a lot of pressure but wiggled his away out to end up in a better position.

Robin and Mark also won to produce a 5-1 win for Cumnor 1!

Even more shocking is that this win puts us up to 4th place (for now at least) in Division Two.

Current state of Division 2

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