Cumnor 1 v Wantage 1 [Match Report]

Cumnor 1 made it three wins in a row on Thursday night vs Wantage 1.

Cumnor 1 Wantage 1
1 Stevens, Gareth (149) 0 – 1 Bush, Martin L (158)
2 Varney, Andrew (146) ½ – ½ Piggott, Roly (147)
3 Terrington, Simon () ½ – ½ Hemmings, Peter (143)
4 Glenn, Liam (140) 1 – 0 Ashford, Martin E (131)
5 Varney, Daniel (133) 1 – 0 Richards, Simon A (127)
6 Sayers, Mark (134) 1 – 0 Cordon, Ray (103)
Match played: 06 Jan 2014 3.5-2.5

The first game to finish was Liam’s, he quickly gained a better position playing against his favourite opening (the Caro-Kann) and eventually won a knight. Simon playing with the Caro-Kann as black, gained a draw against Peter Hemmings. Daniel also picked up another win to make it 2.5-0.5 to Cumnor 1. The remaining games created a tense atmosphere. Andrew lost under time pressure but Mark managed to win the endgame against Ray Corden putting us 3.5-1.5 up and winning the match. Gareth had a massive time advantage against his opponent in a complicated position but Martin Bush had just enough time to win, he had 1 minute 12 seconds left when Gareth resigned.

Liam has been coming to Cumnor Chess Club since he was wearing short trousers and now captains the first team. His interests include Chess, Oxford United, Chess and Chess. He shows you can be handsome and good at Chess.

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