Witney 2 v Cumnor 1 [Match Report]

Monday evening saw Cumnor 1 lose for the first time in 2014. Going down 5-1 to Witney 2.

Witney 2 Cumnor 1
1 Hannon, Mark (179) 1-0 Terrington, Simon (-)
2 Asenov, Pavel (170) ½ – ½ Stevens, Gareth (142)
3 Searle, Howard AJ (154) 1-0 Glenn, Liam (141)
4 Weston, Richard (149) ½ – ½ Sayers, Mark (138)
5 O’Byrne, Daniel (143) 1 – 0 _default (-)
6 Edwards, Derek F (142) 1 – 0 Bennett, Steven (109)
Match played: 03 Feb 2014 5-1

Simon playing for the first time on board one lost his game, in a strange move Mark offered Simon a draw on move 3 (a grandmaster draw maybe). Gareth picked up a draw against young Pavel while Liam lost his game in the endgame and ended up just trying to win on time. Steve lost on the bottom board but it was Mark’s game which had the most entertaining endgame v Richard, eventually Mark offered a draw with Richard on 11 seconds left. Pako was meant to play on board 5 however due to a number of problems including a strangely acting SatNav he was unable to make it in time. The result keeps us mid-table and the updated table can be found here.

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