Cumnor player beats chess grandmaster!

Congratulations to Cumnor Chess Club’s very own Gareth Stevens, who managed to cause a major upset last week by beating a grandmaster.

That would be a brilliant result in itself, but to make his victory over Peter Wells GM in a simultaneous demonstration even more glorious – Gareth was playing with the black pieces!

Gareth’s final move is wonderful. White cannot recapture the rook, because he will be putting himself in check. Although Black’s Queen could be taken by white, that’s not frightening to Black who is threatening to move his knight to g3, with a devastating checkmate.

Gareth Stevens is feeling pretty good about his position
Gareth Stevens is feeling pretty good about his position

Well done to Gareth for his brilliant and stylish game.

Watch out Magnus!

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When he's not playing chess rather poorly for Cumnor Chess Club, Graham is normally talking a lot about computer security on his blog, or insisting people listen to his podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @gcluley.

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