Chess, Chess and some more Chess!

The Chess Season is upon us yet again!

The Oxford and District Chess League fixtures have been released and can be found here.

If you would like a list of Cumnor 1 or Cumnor 2 fixtures please, just email Liam who has them written down.

October Fixtures
Home MCS/B1 – 16/10
Home Bicester 1 – 30/10

Home CWorkers – 09/10
Away St Claires – 14/10
Away Cowley 5 – 30/10

Two Witney Tournaments are also being held in the next two months. The Witney Rapidplay 2014 is being held on Sunday 28 September at The Batt School in Witney and the 2nd Witney Tournament is taking place 18-19 October at Cokethorpe School.

Further details can be found on the Witney site at

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