Cumnor 2 v Cowley Workers 2 [Match Report]

Thursday saw Cumnor 2 play their first game of the season at home to Cowley Workers 2.

Cumnor 2 had to ‘work’ hard for their 3.5 – 2.5 win against the Workers from Cowley.

See what I did there?

Here is the game that Cumnor’s Graham Cluley played against Tamal Matial on board 2, where White grabbed an early piece advantage but both sides exhibited some imprecision.

Cumnor 2 Cowley Workers 2
1 Carr, Robin (124) 1-0 _default (-)
2 Cluley, Graham (112) 1-0 Matilal, Tamal (103)
3 Bennett, Steven (110) 0-1 Collins, Lee (109)
4 Ives, Marc (97) 1/2-1/2 Jackson, William J (88)
5 Steel, Robert (85) 1-0 Miller, David H
6 Sterrie, David (78) 0-1 Buckland, David (78)
Match played on 09 Oct 2014. 3.5-2.5

A good start to the season for Cumnor 2!

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