Oxfordshire U150’s beat Buckinghamshire at chess

Oxfordshire took on Buckinghamshire in the Chiltern League on Saturday and returned home in triumph, with a 12-4 win.

Oxfordshire’s team contained two Cumnnor players, Gareth and Liam, who both won their games on boards 4 and 5.

For your interest, here is Gareth’s game which he described as “A couple of mistakes on both sides, but overall a good game – with a nice zugzwang at the end!”

The win puts Oxfordshire top of the League between the 4 county’s who make up the Chiltern League, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire. See the table and more information on the league here.

Ray Cordon has written a report for the Oxfordshire website which can be found here.

Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire
1 Kevin Hawkins 0-1 David Robson
2 Tom Rixon 0-1 Graham Cole
3 Richard Pomerenke 0-1 Geoff Rasell
4 Darrell Watson 0-1 Gareth Stevens
5 Yaqub Saeed 0-1 Liam Glenn
6 Greg Edmonds 1/2-1/2 James Cole
7 Default 0-1 Daniel Rowan
8 Eugene Bolduc 0-1 Richard Beckett
9 Richard Cranston 1/2-1/2 Malcolm Brindley
10 Ian Hall 0-1 Rod Langham
11 Andrew Hill 0-1 Zaid Marham
12 Gary Dawson 1-0 Kevin Henbest
13 Joan Gardner 1/2-1/2 Simon King
14 Troy Jitman 0-1 Bill Stanley
15 Ramesh Boury 1/2-1/2 Gary Reynolds
16 David Brown 1-0 Steve Rumsby
Match played on 25 Oct 2014. 4-12

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