Cowley 5 v Cumnor 2 [Match Report]

While Cumnor 1 played against Bicester 1 on Thursday (see the report here), Cumnor 2 had an away match against the new formed Cowley 5.

The Cumnor team won 3.5-2.5, and the result took them to the top of Division 4 which can be seen here.

Cowley 5 Cumnor 2
1 Dalziel, Martin 1/2-1/2 Bennett, Steven
2 Burgess, John 0-1 Ives, Marc
3 Graham, Oliver 1-0 Sterrie, David
4 Burgess, Jasmine 1-0 Ives, Leonora
5 Pavlov, Boris 0-1 Willan, Ann
6 Pavlov, Lev 0-1 Bennett Anton, Susana
Match played on 30 Oct 2014. 2.5-3.5

Well done Cumnor 2!

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