Cumnor 1 v Cowley 3 [Match Report]

Cumnor 1 had an early Christmas present, after beating Cowley 3, 4-2 on Thursday night.

Cumnor 1 Cowley 3
1 Terrington, Simon (173) 1-0 Idle, Oscar (150)
2 Stevens, Gareth (147) 0-1 Robson, David W (149)
3 Glenn, Liam (147) 0-1 Rasell, Geoff C (147)
4 Varney, Zoe (149) 1-0 Keeling, David (136)
5 Sayers, Mark (139) 1-0 Stanley, William (Bill) (133)
6 Varney, Daniel (137) 1-0 Taylor, John F (131)
Match played on Dec 11 2014. 4-2

Cumnor 1 played the same starting 6 which had beaten Wantage 1 only 3 weeks before, so confidence was high. As tradition dictates Daniel was the first to finish with a win on the bottom board. I (Liam) was the next to go but I ended my night badly with a loss, mainly caused by Geoff playing very accurate and quick moves, poor piece co-ordination and some time trouble at the end. I might ask Father Christmas for an extra 10 minutes on my clock in my stocking this year.

Simon won for the third game in a row on the top board against Oscar just before Gareth lost his game on the board below.

Christmas chess

Zoe confirmed at least a draw for the team with her win and Mark finished it off with a win on board 6. So at the halfway point in the season we have 3 wins and 3 losses out of the 6 games, click here for the table.

The next game for either team isn’t until 2015 and a quick reminder that the club is closed on 25/12 (Christmas Day) and 1/1 (New Years).

The last club night of 2014 therefore is Thursday 18/12 with an exciting game between Mark and Simon to decide the winner of the 2014 Players Cup on offer and maybe some Mince Pies if you are lucky!

If I don’t see you before please eat, drink and be merry!

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