ECF releases latest chess grades – how did you do?

The English Chess Federation (ECF) has just published the January 2015 grades list on its website at

Here are the scores on the doors (with each player’s previous grade in brackets):

Alvarez, Francisco    110   (115)           
Bennett Anton, Susana  57   (46)
Bennett, Steven       106   (110)       
Carr, Robin           127   (124)               
Cluley, Graham        120   (112)
Glenn, Liam           147   (147)               
Harrop, Richard        59   (55)                
Ives, Frida            33   (21)
Ives, Leonora          94   (72)
Ives, Marc            100   (97)       
Jones, Michael        111   (109)               
Sayers, Mark          138   (139)               
Slade, Richard         87   (-)                     
Steel, Robert          83   (85)                
Sterrie, David         76   (79)
Stevens, Gareth       140   (147)               
Terrington, Isaac      69   (74)
Terrington, Simon     172   (173)       
Varney, Andrew        139   (147)       
Varney, Daniel        144   (137)
Varney, Zoe           160   (149)
Willan, Ann           39    (33)

Up and downThere have been some great performances reflected in the updated grades list, but a simple up/down reading disguises how well others have done holding onto their already impressive grades.

I don’t think those who have lost a few grade points should feel desolated.

I think my own rise was helped enormously by being away from the board for over month during a holiday in Australia/New Zealand!

See the latest grades for Cumnor’s players here.

The next grades will be out in the middle of the year.

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