Cumnor 2 v St Claires [Match Report]

Cumnor 2 took on the Studious Scholars from St Claire’s College on Thursday evening. It finished with a 3-3 draw, the result was a knock for Cumnor 2’s promotion push and it shows how far St Claire’s have come in their short time in the Oxfordshire League.

It is interesting that White won on all 6 boards!

St Claires

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Liam Glenn

Liam has been coming to Cumnor Chess Club for a very long time. His interests include Chess, Oxford United, Chess and Chess. He shows you can be handsome and good at Chess.

One thought on “Cumnor 2 v St Claires [Match Report]”

  1. Bravo to those in Cumnor 2 who were playing with the white pieces, and bad luck to those of us with the black.

    My own game was an interesting struggle after an *appalling* goof in my opening that left me scrabbling for a long time. My opponent offered me a draw towards the end, but – at the time – that wouldn’t guarantee a Cumnor win, so I declined.

    A move or two later, some other games had finished and a draw on my board would be enough to see Cumnor 2 victorious. But – alas! – it was now my opponent’s turn to decline.

    Well done to him for a well-deserved win.

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