Anyone want to play against a Chess Grandmaster?

Grandmaster Peter Wells will be holding his annual simultaneous display at Witney Chess Club’s Ducklington Village Hall venue on Monday 30 March 2015; start time 7.15 pm.

The evening is open to all Oxfordshire players, and Witney are very much hoping that, as with last season’s simultaneous display, it will be well attended such that further such evenings can be arranged in the future.

Grandmaster Peter Wells
Grandmaster Peter Wells

So that Witney can cover their costs they are proposing the following prices:

1. Adults booked in advance: £10.00 (on the night: £12.00).
2. Juniors booked in advance: £5.00 (on the night: £6.00).

Witney are keeping prices as low as possible (i.e. they expect to break even at best) to encourage as many people as possible to attend, and are also offering junior entries at half price in accordance with their aim of promoting junior chess in Oxfordshire.

For more information please take a look at Witney’s Website here.

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