Chiltern League – Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire

What do you do on a Saturday afternoon?
What do you do on a Saturday afternoon?
How do you spend your Saturday afternoon?

Shopping, spending time with the family or at the footy….

Well, I spent the afternoon playing for Oxfordshire in the Chiltern League Division One.

I have been involved in for the U150’s for the last couple of years and having some decent results I got the call from Simon King and was asked to play for the Oxfordshire A team.

In reality I think he was a few players down which was why I was asked!

I managed to get a draw in the end after nearly 4 hours of play. Simon’s view of the match is below.

Chiltern League 140315

“This was narrowly lost by us 9-11, and could easily have gone the other way.

Once again, we turned in a creditable performance in a match where we were
outgraded on every board, by an average of 9.2 points.

Many thanks to all those who came, notably to our increased number of 180+
players (a 300% increase on the last time we played Bucks, and reflected in
a plus score of 3.5-0.5 on the top four boards) and to Dr Tim King (City,
128), who stood in on board 20 at a couple of hours’ notice *and won his
game*. Gary Jackson (Banbury, 161) also did well to draw against an opponent
graded 182 after having lost 45 minutes on the clock due to a car

Simon King

Team Captain
Oxon “A”

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