No more Draws! – FIDE

A new Chess Rule has been written into law today, by FIDE which will mean players will not be able to offer a draw until at least the 64th move.

A world with no draws!

A world with no draws!

A draw by agreement after only a few moves (usually before much battle has been done) is called a “grandmaster draw”. It is often done in tournaments to save energy for later games or at the end of a tournament to make sure the player gains enough points for a share of a prize. Some chess players believe short grandmaster draws are bad for the game and shows poor sportsmanship, but attempts to stop or discourage them have not been so far effective.

A FIDE spokesman, Mr K. Learlelyin said that “Too many games are drawn especially at the highest level and this rule should make Chess more exciting. Our aim is to eventually have no draws and if there is no victor after a game the players will have to fight to the death.”

The ruling will take affect as of the 15th April.

Time will tell whether this new rule will help.

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