Cowley 3 v Cumnor 1 [Match Report]

Cowley 3 v Cumnor 1 [Match Report]
Rose Hill Methodist Church.

Cowley Chess ClubCumnor 1 played the last match of the season on Monday, away to Cowley 3. Both teams were comfortably mid-table of Division Two, with only third place up for grabs for the winners. But the match was still a competitive contest on all six boards.

The first to finish was Steve who got a draw on the bottom board. Steve has gained quite a reputation in the club for drawing – maybe we should implement the FIDE “no more draws” rule which was announced on April 1st? :)

In my game, I had a poor position coming out of the opening which I never really recovered from and eventually lost the game.

Mark looked to be doing well on board 4. Going into the endgame he had three extra pawns – but Queen and Pawn endgames are notoriously difficult to win, and he had to draw out.

Andrew meanwhile had a challenging game against Oscar – a draw was offered by Andrew but rejected by Oscar, and Oscar eventually went on to win.

Simon played a junior on the top board called Arvin Hu. I knew Arvin was going to be a hard player to beat as he slipped his strawberry milk.

Impressively, Arvin managed to win against Simon, which shows he could have a great future ahead of him (Arvin that is, not Simon) and I don’t think anyone will fancy playing him in the coming years.

Graham had a game which he was winning right up until he entered the endgame. A time scramble commenced and Graham’s position started to look a little shaky.

Cluley vs Stanley

Graham takes up the commentary:

“A little shaky? It was downright precarious. Black had two very advanced pawns which I really should have nobbled when I had the chance earlier in the game, but I was distracted by my own plans. Despite winning Black’s Queen I failed to halt the promotion of one of the pawns, and before I knew it… I was on the ropes, with only seconds remaining on the clock.”

“By now I had no time to find good moves. I was just looking for legal moves.”

“Black was seconds away from mating me – with no chance of me rescuing things. But it was obviously my lucky day. Black’s clock ran out, with mine only having 20 seconds remaining…”

“It felt a little grubby and embarrassing to claim a victory in such a situation, but hey…”

“I dedicate my game to Simon Terrington, who cajoled me into playing d4 for the first time ever in a competitive game.”

All those hours at the Bear and Ragged Staff playing Blitz must be paying off.

Cowley 3 v Cumnor 1

In the end we lost 4-2 which means Cowley 3 take third and we finish in forth. However, everything being considered we have had a good season and I will do a little write up once all the leagues have finished.

Check out the final table here.

Liam has been coming to Cumnor Chess Club since he was wearing short trousers and now captains the first team. His interests include Chess, Oxford United, Chess and Chess. He shows you can be handsome and good at Chess.

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