The Winners ….and Losers!

The season has now finished in Oxfordshire and here a list of the winners and losers –

Division 1
First Place – Witney 1
Last Place – Banbury 1
Best score – David Martins 12/12 100% University 1

Division 2chess-defeated-winner-loser-king

First Place – Bicester 1
Last Place – Didcot 2
Best score – Daniel Varney 7.5/8 93.75% Cumnor 1

Division 3
First Place – Uni 2
Last Place – Bicester 2
Best score – David Blackwell 6.5/8 81.25% Witney 3

Division 4
First Place – Cowley4
Last Place – St Claires
Best score – Martin Dalziel 8.5/9 94.44% Cowley 4

Final – City 1 v Cowley 2

Normally, the first place teams will be promoted while the last will be relegated however, the leagues are yet to be agreed for next season so this could change.

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