Cowley Summer Blitz 2015

chess-gameThe 2015 Cowley Summer Blitz was held on Monday 22 June and attracted an excellent turnout, with 57 entrants including 5 Cumnor players. The battle for first place ended in a tie between Marcus Harvey and Csaba Koszta (both of Witney Chess Club), who both scored 9 points out of 10 and could not be separated by the tie-break system. They each dropped just one point (when they played each other in the fourth round).

Cowley’s Anna Wang scored 8 points to take third place on tie-break. Our Daniel Varney took 4th, also with 8 points while Mark Sayers won the Best visitor U155 with 6.5 points from 10.

A full list and report can be found here on the Cowley Blitz website.

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