Cumnor Chess Club players in the news as chess boot camp comes to Oxford

Cumnor Chess Club wouldn’t be the same without the Varneys.

Andrew Varney, and son and daughter Daniel and Zoe, have become regular strong members of the Cumnor 1 team, and Zoe recently confidently secured herself the highest grade in the club – with an impressive 171 ECF.

Daniel and Zoe have, of course, benefited over the years from their father’s keen love for chess, and his skilled coaching.

As the Oxford Mail reports, this week Andrew was involved in a two-day chess boot camp at Oxford Spires Academy, training 17 promising young chess players aged 9-15, ahead of a tournament on Thursday.

Oxford Mail report

The Oxford Mail reports that the participants will definitely find the training useful in improving their chess playing:

Mr Varney said students had an intensive look at a particular game, adding: “It will definitely be beneficial to them longer-term.

“My experience from my own kids and people I coach is that if you have a more intensive look at things, you see a change pretty much straight away.”

Andrew Varney is an ECF-accredited chess coach and can be reached on 07786 321095, or via email at

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