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One of our fellow chess players Ray Cordon, is looking for players for the Oxford U150 team. The Oxfordshire teams have always been supported by Cumnor players so if you would like to help please see below.

I have started to update my list of players who might be interested in playing for the Oxfordshire under grade 150 team in the coming season. As there is not going to be an under 125 section in the Chiltern league this year it has been decided to increase the number of boards per match from 16 to 20 and to try to include at least four juniors in each team.

Subsequent to the above arrangement being agreed the new ECF grading list has been published and 13 players who were on my list last year are now over the grade limit, and these include some of our keenest supporters. I would therefore like to hear from any eligible players who would might be interested in playing in some of the matches. Nobody is expected to be available for all of the matches: last year only one player played in all of the matches, five people played only once and some people were not available at all.

There are only six Chiltern league matches a year. Our normal home venue is now Rose Hill Methodist Church (where the Cowley club play) and the away venues include Basingstoke, Holmer Green and Crowthorne. In each match a player has one game against an opponent from the other county. The time limit is all moves in two hours. The matches are played on Saturday afternoons.

If you would like me to add you to my list for the under grade 150 team or have any comments or questions please phone or email me. If you played any games last year he will automatically keep you on the list.

Ray Cordon,
Phone No. 01235 764264 raycordon@mypostoffice.co.uk

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