Wantage 1 v Cumnor 1 and Cumnor 2 v Wantage 2 [Match Report]

This week saw both Cumnor teams take on their contemporaries from Wantage. On Tuesday evening the first team went over to Wantage to take on their first team.

#Wantage 1vsCumnor 1
1.Pigott, Roly (151)0-1Glenn, Liam (157)
2.Hemmings, Peter (149)1-0-default-
3.Bekris, Nicolas (140)0-1Stevens, Gareth (146)
4.Morris, Steven A0-1Sayers, Mark (143)
5.Spalding, George H (115)1-0Cluley, Graham (116)
6.Brown, Gordon D (133)1-0Bennett, Steve (105)

Gareth had a great game on board 3 with an exciting Kingside attack while Mark took his time in a block up position and managed to get his Rook in behind the pawns where his opponent resigned.
Both Steve and Graham got into interesting endgames, Graham was 2 Bishops and 4 pawns vs 2 Knights and 6 pawns but both players went on to lose.

The result of the match was a 3-3 draw which will help Wantage 1’s aim of staying above Cowley Workers who are at the foot of the table. Cumnor 1 moved up a place to 5th level on points with Oxford City 2, we are currently only 2 points behind Magdalen College who lead the table with 10 points and take them on in two weeks time at Cumnor.

#Cumnor 2vsWantage 2
1.Sayers, Mark (143)1/2-1/2Richards, Simon A (129)
2.Carr, Robin (125)1-0Booker, Julian (103)
3.Bennett, Steven (105)1-0Mills, Matt (90)
4.Steel, Robert (82)1-0Mahon, Paul (88)
5.Sterrie, David (74)0-1 Thompson, Steven (85)
6.Flockton, Alan ( )1-0Cordon, Ray (83)

MarkOn Thursday, Wantage 2 came over to the “Old School”. Alan had an fascinating game against Ray on the bottom board and spotted the all important discovered attack when it matter to finish the game. Robin spent most of the mid game cornering Juilan’s Queen but the end result saw Robin an exchange up which he converted to a win.

On the top board Mark was trying to make it 2 wins in a week and had a stimulating game with an outpost on f2 but he ended up settling for a draw.

The result for Cumnor 2 means they stay in forth in division 4. You can see how the teams are getting on here.

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