The Légal chess trap and Stephen Hawking

The Légal chess trap and Stephen Hawking

Do you know the Légal chess trap?

Named after the French player Sire de Légal, the trap sees White sacrifice their Queen for a devastating checkmate involving two knights and a bishop.

But the trap is particularly well known inside Cumnor Chess Club as it famously saw Ann Willan defeat Steve Bennett one night a few years ago. A great victory which many of us (well, all of us apart from Steve) love to recollect.

Here is how a typical version of the Légal chess trap can play out:

Now, the Legal chess trap may become even better known as Stephen Hawking appears to have tried to use it in a game of Quantum Chess versus actor Paul “Ant-Man” Rudd, as you can see in the following video (narrated by Keanu Reeves).

By the way, Quantum Chess is a real thing.

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