Oxfordshire is looking for players

To all county players, actual or prospective

Below is the new Chiltern Chess League fixture list for 2016-17. The matches are all played on Saturday afternoons, and we would be very glad to hear from club players in the League who fancy playing for the County.

Rod Langham (captain of the Open team) and I (acting captain of the U-150 team) would like to hear from all players as to their probable availability for these matches.

Could you please email myself or Rod Langham (rodlangham64@gmail.com) with the a combination of the following codes (e.g. A1, B2):

A: probably available for most if not all matches

B: probably available for some or a few matches

C: unlikely to be available for any matches

1: Will be OK for transport to away matches, and may be able to offer lifts

2: Will need transport to away matches

Could you also notify Rod and myself of your current contact details, and indicate how you prefer to be contacted as to availability to play.

Finally, please could you note that (1) it has been decided to charge £3.00 per board for home matches, and nothing for away matches, to simplify accounting (2) it has also been decided to only select players who are paid-up ECF members – this is because of the difficulty of collecting from players the (small) amounts that make up the (larger) bill that the ECF sends us at the end of the season.

I have styled myself as ‘acting captain’ of the U-150 team because I am actively looking for a replacement – please could anyone willing to take on the U-150 captaincy get it touch with me? It is not that it is particularly onerous, but I am still in full-time employment and would prefer to spend what spare time I have playing rather than organizing.


Fixture List for 2016-17

Open (150+)

October 8th Berkshire (away)

October 29th Buckinghamshire (away)

December 3rd Hampshire (home)

January 28th Berkshire (home)

February 18th Hampshire (away)

March 11th Buckinghamshire (home)


September 24th Berkshire (home)

October 15th Buckinghamshire (home)

November 12th Hampshire (home)

January 21st Berkshire (away)

February 25th Buckinghamshire (away) to be confirmed

March 25th Hampshire (away)

April 22nd JAMBOREE

Simon King

(Acting captain, U-150)

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