Cowley Christmas Blitz 2016

The Cowley Christmas Blitz, held on Monday 5 December, attracted an excellent total of 62 participants, the highest number for many years.

The tournament resulted in a tie on 9 points from 10 games between Daniel Varney (Cumnor) and Cowley’s Will Burt, with Daniel taking first prize on the tie-breaking system. Third and fourth place respectively (again separated only on tie-break) were Cowley’s Rich Weston and Mike Handley. Congratulations to them and the other prizewinners!

The full list of prizewinners is as follows:

1st: Daniel Varney (Cumnor) 9/10
2nd: Will Burt (Cowley) 9
3rd: Rich Weston (Cowley) 8
4th: Michael Handley (Cowley) 8
Best Cowley player: Maria Mate 7.5
Best visitor: Dan Rowan (Banbury) 7.5
Best junior (U18): Hari Selvaraj (MCS/Blackbirds) 5
Best lady: Jasmine Burgess (Cowley)) 4.5
Best U165: Ian Bush (MCS/Blackbirds) 7.5
Best Cowley U155: Bob Waugh 7
Best visitor U155: Kelly Riley (Cowley Workers) 6.5
Best U14: Bill Read (Witney) 5
Best U145: Tamal Matilal (Cowley Workers) 5.5
Best U130: Billy McCauley (-) 5
Best ungraded: Jim Vincent (-) 5
Best U12: Jenith Wiratunga (Cowley) 4
Best U10: David Kardashyan (William Fletcher Primary Sch.)2
Best slow starter – 0/2: Domas Druzas (Didcot) 5
Best very slow starter – 0/4: Hakeem Asif (Cowley) 4

The draw for the Frank Wood Shield was also held before the final round of the Blitz.

Our thanks go to everyone who helped make the event a success, especially:
Rose Hill Methodist Church for allowing us the use of the downstairs Hall for the event;
the Kidlington Chess Tournament for the loan of equipment;
those who kindly donated prizes for the event or made donations to the Lester Millin Memorial Fund;
John Taylor and Dave Robson, for help with the transporting of equipment;
Will Burt, for help with setting up the hall and taking entries on the door;
the many people who helped clear up afterwards;
and, especially, our controllers Tim Dickinson and Priscilla Morris, for their usual calm and efficient running of the event.

Liam has been coming to Cumnor Chess Club since he was wearing short trousers and now captains the first team. His interests include Chess, Oxford United, Chess and Chess. He shows you can be handsome and good at Chess.

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