Cumnor vs Magdalene College School

Its another Sunday classic this weekend, between Cumnor and Magdalene College School (past and present). Kick off is on Lichess at 3:30 on Sunday 17th May.

1 Edison Xu 185 B-W Eldar Alizada 181
2 Tom Shepherd 184 W-B Nick Burrows 183
3 James Cole 181 B-W Ian Bush 156
4 Nigel Moyse 178 W-B Mark Sayers 153
5 Graham Cole 164 B-W Liam Glenn 146
6 Hari Selvaraj 162 W-B Gareth Stevens 140
7 Eric Ward 152 B-W John Place 148
8 Dave Sayers 127 W-B Robin Carr 120
9 Samir Khan 120 B-W Graham Cluley 105
10 Reya Li 100 W-B Mark Beaney un

1 Edi_flapjack e_alizada
2 TomShepherd SchachAttacker
3 bishopbandit IanBush
4 nigelico mcsayers
5 ColeG1964 Liamrglenn
6 Selvaraj162 GarethS
7 SingerPoorOnThames JohnPlace
8 davidsayers1947 robincarr
9 SamirMCS gcluley
10 Reya2010 MarkBeaney

This will be our third match and could be our toughest match so far. Cumnor have two wins from the other two matches, against Cowley and Magdalene College School (present).

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