First Mike Duck Online Tournament

Well it has taken a lot of effort and time but the season finally starts online next week. The First Mike Duck Online Tournament will take place over the next 6 weeks starting 26th October and the second tournament will start after Christmas and will last 8 weeks.

The first round has taken place and Cumnor 1 will be playing Witney 2 on Thursday while Cumnor 2 got a bye.

1 Didcot 1 : University 1 (Mon 26th)
2 Witney 1 : University 2 (Mon 26th)
3 Cowley 2 : Oxford City 1 (Mon 26th)
4 Cumnor 1 : Witney 2 (Thur 29th)
5 Oxford City 2 : Banbury 1 (Mon 26th)
6 Cowley 1 : University 3 (Mon 26th)
7 Cumnor 2 : BYE

The draw will normally take place the Friday morning after the final match of the round.

Before the start of the season have been asked to play a preseason friendly against Didcot 1 to sort out any teething problems on Thursday evening (22/10) kicking off at 8:00.

A link to the match can be found below and once the match starts you should be able to find the individual matches.

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