RIP – Ian Brooke

Sad news has reached us this morning, Ian Brooke has passed away, Ian writes below.

I have just received the very sad news of the death of Ian Brooke. Ian has been a stalwart of the OCA and the Oxford City club for more years than most can remember – a former Chair of the OCA, he ran the Oxfordshire open team, and was been Chairman of the Oxford City club for almost 30 years. He was also an active and more than useful participant (as I know to my cost!) into his nineties, playing right up to when Covid curtailed over the board chess when he won a prize at the last Kidlington tournament. He was also kind enough to go with me to tournaments in the West Country, and I know over the years he has done similar for many other players in the county.

I know many of us will miss him, especially his positive and generous character, and I am sure all our thoughts go to his family.

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