Cumnor 1 Captaincy

A Message from Steve

“The King is dead, long live the King.
Well, not literally, thankfully.

Liam has handed in his Cumnor 1 captaincy.

It was around 2002 when this quiet, very keen chess playing lad aged 12, joined the club. He was a pleasure to teach and to play against. Over the years his game grew stronger and stronger, and it wasn’t too long before he started to make me think, rather than I making him think. Liam, has been a steadfast part of our club for many many years.

By 2009 we had enough players to introduce a second team. I needed someone to Captain the new team. With Cunmor 1 in division 3, Cunmor 2 started in division 4. Liam, aged 19 took on the job of Cumnor 2 captain but by the 2011-12 season it was apparent that Liam had over taken me in rating points and became First Team captain.

One of the many trophies won by Liam over the years.
Within ten years of hard slog he managed to get Cumnor 1 to win Division 2 in the 2018/19 season, promoting Cunmor 1 to Division 1 and winning the Frank Woods Shield too. An epic event for such a tiny club.

Well done Liam. Brilliant work.

The C1 captaincy baton has now been passed onto our extremely capable and very efficient Ian Bush.
Many thanks Ian for excepting the position. The club is most grateful.

The second revised league fixtures are now posted on the OCA web site.

The fixtures may alter a little with a third revision before the season starts at the end of September, but not by much I’m sure.
C1 matches are currently set to start at home, Thursday 30/09.
C2 matches are currently set to start at home , Thursday 21/10

By the way, we had three new members show up at the club last Thursday.

Hope to see more of you over the coming weeks.”

A Message from Liam
“Thank you Steve, its been a pleasure. I still plan to be a semi-regular player for the team.”

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Liam has been coming to Cumnor Chess Club for a very long time. His interests include Chess, Oxford United, Chess and Chess. He shows you can be handsome and good at Chess.

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