The Players’ Cup and Bill Laar Trophy – Follow the latest results online

The COVID pandemic has taught us many things, some important, some less so – and one of these is how to use the ECF LMS to organize competitions.

This seemed too good an opportunity to miss as our internal trophies restart with the New Year, so reasonably up to date versions of the scores are can now be found there.

For the Players cup, which is for most of the first team squad, here are the current standings, the cross-table is here, and go here for the individual game results.

The Bill Laar Trophy is for all other players at the club. Here are the standings, the cross-table, and the game results. [Note as of 16th Jan to my knowledge no games have been played – it will be populated soon!]


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Ian Bush

Ian has been playing for Cumnor Chess Club since 2017, having previously played for MCS Blackbirds.

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