Oxfordshire Win

Oxfordshire stormed to a convincing 13.5-4.5 defeat of Buckinghamshire on Saturday 21 January. Although we outrated them on the bottom 12 boards, I was not expecting such a solid outcome of 11.5-0.5 on those boards, so well done for pushing home for a win – in many cases the games were long, hard fought duels. In the upper six boards the picture was reversed: we were heavily out-gunned on board one where Kenneth Hobson fought valiantly in one of the longest matches before conceding.

There was a clear difference in rating in the other five matches so well done to Danut Joian for bringing home the full point against a player rated over 100 elo points above him! Dave Hackett and Ian Bush both obtained draws against higher rated players, thus a very good result even from the top six. We have a crunch match at home against Hampshire on Saturday 18 February, so if anyone who’s name I don’t have is interested in playing, please get in touch, with our very own Nigel Moyse.

The results can be found here.

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