Winners announced!

Thursday saw the final games of the year taking place, with a fantastic end game taking place between Nalin and Mark.

Both players had two rooks and a stash of pawns each, but ultimately Nalin was victorious and Mark a very strong adversary. Congratulations Nalin.

We can now announce the results for the competitions we ran during 2023.

Winner: Nigel 4 points
Runner-up: Nalin 3.5
Third place: Mark 3

Winner: Issac 10.5
Runner-up Jeff 10
Third place: Andy 6

The earliest dates that we can present the trophies are Thursday 11th January, or Thursday 1st February.

Can all the WINNERS please let Steve know if they cannot attend any of these two dates. Thanks.

Thanks for everyone’s input into the club this year. Enjoy your Christmas break.

We re-open on Thursday 4th January 2024!

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Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett founded Cumnor Chess Club in 2001, and is captain of Cumnor's second team.

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