Author: Graham Cluley
When he's not playing chess rather poorly for Cumnor Chess Club, Graham is normally talking a lot about computer security on his blog, or insisting people listen to his podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @gcluley.

The latest Cumnor Cup / Bill Laar Trophy results

I’ve updated the webpage which details the current standings in the Cumnor Players’ Cup and Bill Laar Trophy. It should now be easier to see not only where you’re currently standing in your respective tournament, but also who you have

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The Légal chess trap and Stephen Hawking

Do you know the Légal chess trap? Stephen Hawking does it seems…

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Cumnor 2 vs Bicester 2 [Match report]

Cumnor Chess Club met again last night, with players from the Cumnor 2 team matched against their rivals Division 4 rivals Bicester 2. Before the match, Liam showed a few Cumnor players the extraordinary 12-move win that Daniel Varney had

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A great result for Cumnor Chess Club [Match report]

Cumnor 1 kicked off its season in style last night, beating Wantage 1 an impressive 6-0. Cumnor 1 Wantage 1 1 Glenn, Liam (157) 1-0 Piggott, Roly (151) 2 Varney, Daniel (151) 1-0 Hemmings, Peter (149) 3 Stevens, Gareth (146)

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Wantage 2 v Cumnor 2 [Match Report]

On a rainy Tuesday night, Cumnor Chess Club’s number 2 team set off to St John the Baptist Church in Grove, home of Wantage Chess Club, to play its first game of the season. Wantage 2 Cumnor 2 1 Richards,

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Cumnor Chess Club players in the news as chess boot camp comes to Oxford

This week Andrew Varney of Cumnor Chess Club was involved in a two-day chess boot camp at Oxford Spires Academy, training 17 promising young chess players aged 9-15, ahead of a tournament on Thursday.

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A most peculiar chess opening

You certainly don’t see openings like this regularly, particularly not at a high level.

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Cumnor’s inaugural cold turkey chess tournament

Cumnor Chess Club might be closed for August, but that isn’t stopping some of our players from getting their fix.

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All chess video commentaries should be like this…

Grandmaster Laurent Fressinet plays former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, and the commentary is almost as spectacular as the game…

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Mid-2015 ECF grades released – how did Cumnor’s chess players fare?

The latest grades are out – and it’s good news for some, and not for others…

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