Author: Graham Cluley
When he's not playing chess rather poorly for Cumnor Chess Club, Graham is normally talking a lot about computer security on his blog, or insisting people listen to his podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @gcluley.

13-year-old chess wizard wins scholarship

A 13-year-old schoolboy has just won a scholarship – because he’s rather good at chess.

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A modern immortal chess game

Is it right to call the Wui Yei / Lazaro Bruzon Bautista a classic “immortal” game? I don’t know. But it’s darn impressive, and beautiful to watch.

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ECF releases latest chess grades – how did you do?

The English Chess Federation (ECF) has just published the January 2015 grades list.

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Cumnor 2 snatches victory from Cowley Workers [Match Report]

It was a nailbiter right down to the last few seconds…

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Cumnor 1 v Witney 1 [Frank Wood Shield – Match Report]

Sometimes even long shots make it…

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Cowley 4 v Cumnor 2 [Match Report]

Another victory for Cumnor 2!

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Fancy a Christmas Chess blitz?

Cowley Chess Club will be holding its 2014 Christmas Blitz Tournament on Monday 1 December.

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Cumnor player beats chess grandmaster!

Congratulations to Cumnor Chess Club’s very own Gareth Stevens, who managed to cause a major upset last week by beating a grandmaster.

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Watch Carlsen and Anand fight to be World Chess Champion

If you want to follow the games, you don’t have to be India of course. You can watch the games unfold online via a variety of sources.

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What to do *before* you make a move at chess

What should you do *before* you a play chess move?

Graham Cluley is prone to making stupid blunders, and has sought advice on how to avoid them.

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