Winners announced!

Thursday saw the final games of the year taking place, with a fantastic end game taking place between Nalin and Mark.

Both players had two rooks and a stash of pawns each, but ultimately Nalin was victorious and Mark a very strong adversary. Congratulations Nalin.

We can now announce the results for the competitions we ran during 2023.

Winner: Nigel 4 points
Runner-up: Nalin 3.5
Third place: Mark 3

Winner: Issac 10.5
Runner-up Jeff 10
Third place: Andy 6

The earliest dates that we can present the trophies are Thursday 11th January, or Thursday 1st February.

Can all the WINNERS please let Steve know if they cannot attend any of these two dates. Thanks.

Thanks for everyone’s input into the club this year. Enjoy your Christmas break.

We re-open on Thursday 4th January 2024!

Will you win a trophy at Cumnor Chess Club this year?

TrophyIt’s a new year, so time to announce our annual internal tournament to find the best players in Cumnor.

We’ve decided, to give more people the opportunity to win a prize, to hold *two* different tournaments – with our players split into two groups based upon their ECF grade.

Firstly, there’s the familiar Players Cup, where our higher-graded players will compete for the Players Cup Trophy:

Here is who will be competing for the Players Cup 2015:

Liam Glenn
Mark Sayers
Gareth Stevens
Simon Terrington
Andrew Varney
Daniel Varney
Zoe Varney

And, for our lower-graded players, we are pleased to announce the Bill Laar Trophy.

Bill LaarThis trophy was donated to the club by Mr Bill Laar in 2009. Bill is a local man who works in the teaching profession, and is a keen supporter of educational pursuits. Bill’s son Alex, was a founder member of the club in 2001, along with Ann Willan and myself.

The trophy was used in two different tournaments in 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately, since then, we have not been able to find a suitable use for it.

But that has now changed! The Bill Laar Trophy will now become a permanent tournament for the club. Each player will play one game only against each other.

Here is who will be competing for the Bill Laar Trophy 2015:

Francisco “Pako” Alvarez
Susana Bennett Anton
Steven Bennett
Robin Carr
Graham Cluley
Alan Flockton
Richard Harrop
Frida Ives
Leonora Ives
Marc Ives
Richard Slade
Robert Steel
David Sterrie
Ann Willan

Good luck to all of you!