Our teams

Cumnor Chess Club fields two teams in the Oxford and District Chess League (ODCL).

Each team consists of six players from the Cumnor Chess Club, and match games are played (home and away) between September and April of each year.

Check out our match reports to see how we’re doing.

Cumnor 1

Our first team play in division two, playing some of the strongest players in Oxfordshire chess!

Cumnor 1, league history:

    2016-2017 Fourth place (ODCL division two)
    2015-2016 Fifth place (ODCL division two)
    2014-2015 Fourth place (ODCL division two) – Season report
    2013-2014 Fourth place (ODCL division two) – Season report
    2012-2013 Sixth place (ODCL division two) – Season report
    2011-2012 First place (ODCL division three)
    2010-2011 Eighth place (ODCL division two)
    2009-2010 Second place (ODCL division three)
    2008-2009 Third place (ODCL division four)
    2007-2008 Sixth place (ODCL division three)
    2006-2007 First place (ODCL, division four)

Check out Cumnor 1’s current position in division 2 of the ODCL.

Cumnor 2

As the club grew it became clear that we could sustain a second team in the Oxfordshire chess league. Cumnor 2 made its debut in 2009, and are stalwarts of division 4 of the ODCL.

We often give our junior players a chance to play in match conditions with the Cumnor 2 team.

Cumnor 2, league history:

    2016-2017 Second place (ODCL division four)
    2015-2016 Third place (ODCL division four)
    2014-2015 Third place (ODCL division four)
    2013-2014 Seventh place (ODCL division four)
    2012-2013 Sixth place (ODCL division four)
    2011-2012 Fourth place (ODCL division four)
    2010-2011 Second place (ODCL division four)
    2009-2010 Third place (ODCL division four)

Check out Cumnor 2’s current position in division 4 of the ODCL.