Cumnor 1 win the League

Last night saw Banbury 2 travel down to Oxford University for a match which would have an affect over here in Cumnor.

Cumnor 1 have been sat on the summit of the Oxford and District Chess League 2 for most of the season gaining a healthy lead at the top. Big wins home and away to Banbury 2, our closest rivals, and a win against Bicester 1 last week put us 6 points clear with a better head to head record against Banbury.

The Frank Wood Shield, Players Cup and the Bill Laar Trophy
A single win in any of our remaining three matches would see us clinch the title and promotion to the first division while Banbury would need to win their four remaining matches to keep the pressure on. But Oxford University handed us the silverware be beating Banbury 4-2 yesterday. The result means we have a unassailable lead so Cumnor 1 will be promoted to division one of the Oxford and District Chess League for the 2019-20 season.

This tops off a very successful time for the club after winning the Frank Wood Shield last year and now this promotion. The membership continues to increase and we must congratulate all the players who have helped the club achieve this triumph.

As noted we still have three league matches left, all at home, to Wantage 1 and Cowley 3 and 4. At the same time as the Oxford University 2 v Banbury 2 the club had a Frank Wood Shield match against the Cowley Chessnuts which we won and now we have a semifinal tie against either the Wantage Alfredians or the Cowley Countergambits.

Lets get organising that open top bus tour.

Players Cup and Bill Laar Trophy 2019

This seasons cups have kicked off and can be found below. There is still time to enter but for the best chance to win get involved as soon as possible.


For more information please check out the Players Cup and Bill Laar page.

Trophy Night

Next Thursday, 17th January will be our annual Trophy Night, the top three players in the two tournaments will each receive a trophy and the top players will get their hands on the prestigious Players Cup and Bill Laar Trophy.

Liam enjoying a pint from the Players Cup Trophy (yes I will keep using this picture so that people don’t forget I won it ;-))
The winners for the 2018 Players Cup are;
1, Mark Sayers
2, Ian Bush
3, Garth Stevens

and the 2018 Bill Laar Trophy are;
1, Robert Steel
2, Pedro Monteiro
3, Chris Siebert

Our silverware from last season, the Frank Wood Shield will also be on show and we will get some pictures of the winning team. So come along and celebrate the achievement of the year.

The following week both teams are playing away, Cumnor 1 will be playing Oxford University 2 and Cumnor 2 will be playing Magdalen College School, this will mean the club will be closed for the evening.

Trophy Night

This years Trophy Night presentation will be on Thursday 18th January.

A Play-off game was needed to decide the winner of the 2017 Bill Laar Trophy. The game was won by Steve.
The winners are:

Players Cup
1, Daniel Varney
2, Liam Glenn
3, Gareth Stevens

Bill Laar Trophy
1, Steve Bennett
2, Graham Cluley
3, Chris Siebert

Please make sure there is a good turn out for the trophy presentation.

Beers, cokes and gloating from the winners in abundance.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here and the League has paused for the festivities. The club is open tonight (Thursday the 21st) but closed on the 28th and open again on the 4th January 2018.

Tonight will see the conclusion of the Players Cup 2017 and the Bill Laar 2017. The Players Cup has been finalised and was won by Daniel but the Bill Laar still has one game left which will decide who can claim the glory!

The updated tables can be found below.

If I don’t see you tonight Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year, may 2018 be full of wonderful Queen sacs and rating points.

Hopping along to the club…

We haven’t had many matches recently (Cumnor 1 hasn’t played since February), which has given us a chance to get the club tournaments started.

Daniel is currently pulling away in the Players Cup with 4 wins from 4 games while in the Bill Laar Trophy Alan is currently sat at the top of the table.

The club is open tonight so put the Hot Cross Buns and Chocolate Easter Eggs down and come and have a game.

Trophy Night!

I know we are now in Spring but tomorrow (02/03) is Trophy Night for last years competitions!

The evening is a bit like the Oscars but with the mistakes and more chess.

Please come along and support the club, we are always looking for new (and old) players and there will be lots of people to play. We hope to see you there.

I will get some pictures on the website on Friday.

The Players’ Cup and Bill Laar Trophy 2016

TrophyEach year, Cumnor Chess Club holds two tournaments: The Players’ Cup and the Bill Laar Trophy. As the leaves have just started to fall from the trees and the nights are drawing in the tournaments are entering their final straight. With only (!) 15 Thursdays left in the year its now a good time to take stock of the standings.

Currently top of the Players’ Cup is Gareth, last night himself and Daniel battled out a great game. Mark remains in second place as the only unbeaten player so far, with myself in third, level on points with Mark but I have a worse head-to-head.

David is storming away in the Bill Laar Trophy, last night he beat Marc with Black and now sits with 4 wins from 4.

Take a look here to read more about the two tournaments.
Chess cups 080916

Trophy Night 2016

This years Trophy Night presentation will be on Thursday 21st January.

chess-defeated-winner-loser-kingThe winners are:

Players Cup
1, Gareth Stevens
2, Daniel Varney
3, Mark Sayers

Bill Laar Trophy
1, Robin Carr
2, Steve Bennett
3, David Sterrie

Please make sure there is a good turn out for the trophy presentation on the 21st.
Beers, cokes and gloating from the winners in abundance.

Summer of Fun

Florence and the Machine takes the Pyramid Stage tonight.
Florence and the Machine takes to the Pyramid Stage tonight
The summer time is generally a quiet time for most chess clubs.

Most normal people are out enjoying the sun, on Holiday or head to a music festival.

Some clubs such as Oxford City close down between April and September however here at Cumnor we don’t stop, well except for August!

To keep us on our toes we have two internal tournaments are now in full swing. In the Players’ Cup it is tight, only half a point separate 2nd and 5th. Gareth currently sits at the top of the pile after his draw against Zoe however the rest of us are waiting to take advantage if / when he slips up.

In the Bill Laar Trophy, a lead pack has started to pull away Steve, Graham, Robin, David and Leo have created a little gap between themselves and the rest of the players. Steve has a tentative lead on the rest but again a single small slip could be fatal.

Next week three games have already been arranged, Zoe and Liam, Robin and Richard and Steve and Robert (colours to be decided on the night). With that line up it looks to be an exciting evening, a line-up to rival Glastonbury!

To see more information on our tournaments have a look here.

Cup 250615