Oxfordshire Needs You!


Nigel Moyse is urgently looking for players for the county team!

Oxfordshire play in the Chiltern League along with Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. We thus have 6 games a year, 3 at home (played at Cumnor) and 3 away, which are played on Saturday afternoons with teams of 20 on each side, and a time control of 2 hours for all moves. If you are interested in playing please contact Nigel , and especially if you are free this Saturday (29th Oct 2022) as time is getting short and we still need players!

The Chiltern League

The first county match of the season is away at Buckinghamshire on Saturday 24 September at 2pm.

Could all of you who are interested in playing please get back to me and let Nigel know ASAP?

The other dates for your diary (subject to change) are:

Hants – Oxon 29 October 22

Oxon – Berks 3 December 22

Oxon – Bucks 21 January 23

Oxon – Hants 18 February 23

Berks – Oxon 4 March 23

Matches start at 2pm and last 4 hours as you get 2 hours on the clock each.

If you know anyone who may be interested and you think I may not know about, please forward this message to them.

Best wishes

Nigel Moyse, acting Oxon Captain

County Matches

Steve Rumsby is looking for players in the county matches.
Oxfordshire is in a little league with Buck, Berks and Hants and there
are 6 matches a year which are held on Saturday afternoons, details of
the first match below. Genuinely all standards catered for, and it’s a
nice leisurely 2hrs for all your moves.

The first County match is on the 13th November away to Bucks.

The Bucks venue is
Prestwood Village Hall, 1 Wycombe Road, Prestwood, Great Missenden,
Bucks. HP16 0NZ

The start time is 2.00.

If you are available and would like to play can you please let me
know. I am hopeful of fielding a team of 20 across the whole ability

I will send out a list of all the match dates shortly.

If anyone would like a chance to play for the Oxfordshire Team drop Stephen Rumsby an email.


Ray Starkie Memorial Award

Please get your thinking caps on and if you think you played a brilliancy this season get your game entered.

“As some of you will be aware at the last OCA AGM it was decided that an annual best game award be instituted in Ray Starkie’s memory. This will be judged by Matt Rose, and games should be submitted by the May meeting – so if you have played any games which you are particularly proud of this season in OCA events (the League, The Frank Wood Shield and the Chiltern League) get them in!

The way to submit your game is to send it to Roger Thetford, the League Secretary, in PGN format – Please, please, please, no photos of score sheets! Roger’s email is available under the contacts tab on the OCA web site, and if you are unsure of what PGN format is please visit PGN editor where there is a nice on line utility which will help you create a PGN file. Click on the “2.Game moves” tab where you can play out your game, then click on “NEXT” to add the details about the players, and “NEXT” again and the PGN file is in the window. Simply cut and paste this into your email to Roger or (probably better) save it into a file and send it as an attachment.

Roger plans to put the submitted games on the web site, so hopefully we will soon all be dazzled by your collective brilliance!

Ian Bush 02/04/2019″

Oxfordshire A win the Chiltern League Open

Congratulations to the Oxfordshire A team who won the Open section of the Chiltern League on Sunday (31st March) with a 9 – 7 victory against Buckinghamshire. It was played at Cumnor and 25% of the team were Cumnor players; Eldar, Nick, Nigel and Ian.

All four players achieved 50% or more over the course of the season with Eldar getting 100%, with 3 wins from 3 games.

The table can be found here and the result here.

Oxfordshire is looking for players

To all county players, actual or prospective

Below is the new Chiltern Chess League fixture list for 2016-17. The matches are all played on Saturday afternoons, and we would be very glad to hear from club players in the League who fancy playing for the County.

Rod Langham (captain of the Open team) and I (acting captain of the U-150 team) would like to hear from all players as to their probable availability for these matches.

Could you please email myself or Rod Langham (rodlangham64@gmail.com) with the a combination of the following codes (e.g. A1, B2):

A: probably available for most if not all matches

B: probably available for some or a few matches

C: unlikely to be available for any matches

1: Will be OK for transport to away matches, and may be able to offer lifts

2: Will need transport to away matches

Could you also notify Rod and myself of your current contact details, and indicate how you prefer to be contacted as to availability to play.

Finally, please could you note that (1) it has been decided to charge £3.00 per board for home matches, and nothing for away matches, to simplify accounting (2) it has also been decided to only select players who are paid-up ECF members – this is because of the difficulty of collecting from players the (small) amounts that make up the (larger) bill that the ECF sends us at the end of the season.

I have styled myself as ‘acting captain’ of the U-150 team because I am actively looking for a replacement – please could anyone willing to take on the U-150 captaincy get it touch with me? It is not that it is particularly onerous, but I am still in full-time employment and would prefer to spend what spare time I have playing rather than organizing.


Fixture List for 2016-17

Open (150+)

October 8th Berkshire (away)

October 29th Buckinghamshire (away)

December 3rd Hampshire (home)

January 28th Berkshire (home)

February 18th Hampshire (away)

March 11th Buckinghamshire (home)


September 24th Berkshire (home)

October 15th Buckinghamshire (home)

November 12th Hampshire (home)

January 21st Berkshire (away)

February 25th Buckinghamshire (away) to be confirmed

March 25th Hampshire (away)

April 22nd JAMBOREE

Simon King

(Acting captain, U-150)

Ray is looking for players

One of our fellow chess players Ray Cordon, is looking for players for the Oxford U150 team. The Oxfordshire teams have always been supported by Cumnor players so if you would like to help please see below.

I have started to update my list of players who might be interested in playing for the Oxfordshire under grade 150 team in the coming season. As there is not going to be an under 125 section in the Chiltern league this year it has been decided to increase the number of boards per match from 16 to 20 and to try to include at least four juniors in each team.

Subsequent to the above arrangement being agreed the new ECF grading list has been published and 13 players who were on my list last year are now over the grade limit, and these include some of our keenest supporters. I would therefore like to hear from any eligible players who would might be interested in playing in some of the matches. Nobody is expected to be available for all of the matches: last year only one player played in all of the matches, five people played only once and some people were not available at all.

There are only six Chiltern league matches a year. Our normal home venue is now Rose Hill Methodist Church (where the Cowley club play) and the away venues include Basingstoke, Holmer Green and Crowthorne. In each match a player has one game against an opponent from the other county. The time limit is all moves in two hours. The matches are played on Saturday afternoons.

If you would like me to add you to my list for the under grade 150 team or have any comments or questions please phone or email me. If you played any games last year he will automatically keep you on the list.

Ray Cordon,
Phone No. 01235 764264 raycordon@mypostoffice.co.uk

Hampshire “A” v Oxfordshire “A”

Question – Where would you find 80 Bishops and 41 Kings on a Saturday afternoon?

Not these Bishops!
Not these Bishops!
Answer – Scattered across 20 boards at The Bridge and Chess center in Basingstoke, where Hampshire took on Oxfordshire in the final Chiltern League match of the Season.

It was a close match but Oxfordshire won 10.5-9.5!

On the nine upper boards (1-9), the grading averages were Oxon 164.7 and Hants 178.8 — and we lost 3.5-5.5, the two wins by Will Burt and Clifford Marcus saving the day.

On the lower nine boards (11-19), the averages were Oxon 142.2 and Hants 144.6 — a trivial deficit, but a deficit nonetheless — yet here we won by the tremendous margin of 7-2, so many congratulations to the winners on
these boards.

Hampshire v Oxford

My game was a very interesting match, I played Gillian only two weeks ago when I had a bit of a lucky victory. She plays an unusual Queens opening which I did look up and found a couple of improvements.

P.S the 41st King was of course Simon King who played on board 18!

Oxfordshire win the U150 Chiltern League!

The Oxfordshire under grade 150 team won their away Chiltern league
match against Hampshire by 11 games to 5 in Basingstoke on 28th March.

This means that we will win the cup this year even if we were lose our
one remaining match, but in any case we expect to be able to make it
six wins out of six games.

Two Cumnor Players took part in the match, myself on board 6 and Gareth on board 8.
Both of us played as Black and we both won!

The details of the games are as follows:-
Hampshire v Oxfordshire

Chiltern League – Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire

What do you do on a Saturday afternoon?
What do you do on a Saturday afternoon?
How do you spend your Saturday afternoon?

Shopping, spending time with the family or at the footy….

Well, I spent the afternoon playing for Oxfordshire in the Chiltern League Division One.

I have been involved in for the U150’s for the last couple of years and having some decent results I got the call from Simon King and was asked to play for the Oxfordshire A team.

In reality I think he was a few players down which was why I was asked!

I managed to get a draw in the end after nearly 4 hours of play. Simon’s view of the match is below.

Chiltern League 140315

“This was narrowly lost by us 9-11, and could easily have gone the other way.

Once again, we turned in a creditable performance in a match where we were
outgraded on every board, by an average of 9.2 points.

Many thanks to all those who came, notably to our increased number of 180+
players (a 300% increase on the last time we played Bucks, and reflected in
a plus score of 3.5-0.5 on the top four boards) and to Dr Tim King (City,
128), who stood in on board 20 at a couple of hours’ notice *and won his
game*. Gary Jackson (Banbury, 161) also did well to draw against an opponent
graded 182 after having lost 45 minutes on the clock due to a car

Simon King

Team Captain
Oxon “A”