Cowley 5 v Cumnor 2 [Match Report]

While Cumnor 1 played against Bicester 1 on Thursday (see the report here), Cumnor 2 had an away match against the new formed Cowley 5.

The Cumnor team won 3.5-2.5, and the result took them to the top of Division 4 which can be seen here.

Cowley 5 Cumnor 2
1 Dalziel, Martin 1/2-1/2 Bennett, Steven
2 Burgess, John 0-1 Ives, Marc
3 Graham, Oliver 1-0 Sterrie, David
4 Burgess, Jasmine 1-0 Ives, Leonora
5 Pavlov, Boris 0-1 Willan, Ann
6 Pavlov, Lev 0-1 Bennett Anton, Susana
Match played on 30 Oct 2014. 2.5-3.5

Well done Cumnor 2!

Magnus Carlsen reigns supreme

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen!

Who currently holds all three Fide World Championships (Classical, Rapid and Blitz) after winning the World Blitz Championship with 17 points in the 21-round tournament in the Dubai on Friday.

Some people may not be that impressed with that, after-all Chess is just Chess. But it is similar to a Tennis Player winning grand slams on hard-court, clay and grass or a Golfer winning The Masters, The Open Championship and The Butlins Bognor Regis Crazy Golf Championship.

P.S Cowley are hosting their bi-annual Blitz Tournament tonight (don’t worry I think Carlsen is busy)

P.P.S The Club is open as usual this Thursday after our break for the England v Uruguay Game.

Tournaments Galore!

With the Chess season ended for the summer break, One might assume that not much chess is being played however One would be very wrong.

Zoe Varney is going to play in the European School Chess Championships 2014 organised in Kavala, Greece from 16 June to 27 June. We wish to send our Good Luck to Zoe, over in Greece and we hope to hear from Andrew who is going to post some information once the tournament starts.

Cowley Chess Club invites you to its 2014 Summer Blitz Tournament, which will be held on Monday 23 June at Cowley Chess Club, with Round 1 beginning at 7.15 pm sharp. All chessplayers are welcome. During the evening we expect again to be hosting the presentation of this season’s OCA team trophies and the individual medals for the best performances in the League. Further Information including how to enter can be found here.

Witney Chess Club are pleased to announce that entries for the Witney Rapidplay taking place on Sunday 28 September at The Batt School in Witney and the 2nd Witney Tournament taking place 18-19 October at Cokethorpe School are now being accepted. Further Information including how to enter can be found here.

And last but not least The 2014 Cumnor Players Cup is in progess, an exciting race has already started with many plays hoping to gain a top 4 place. The table can be found here.

Cowley 3 v Cumnor 1 [Match Report]

The last game of the season for Cumnor 1 was an exciting and nerve-racking game against relegation threatened Cowley 3.

Cowley 3 Cumnor 1
1 Chapman, Andrew (148) 0-1 Terrington, Simon ( )
2 Rasell, Geoff C (144) 1-0 Varney, Andrew (145)
3 Viscu, Catalin (141) 1/2-1/2 Varney, Zoe (150)
4 Idle, Oscar (141) 1-0 Stevens, Gareth (142)
5 Keeling, David (141) 1-0 Varney, Daniel (142)
6 Taylor, John F (138) 0-1 Glenn, Liam (141)
Match played on 07 Apr 2014. 3.5-2.5

Games at the end of the season fall into two categories, either neither team has much to play for and a leisurely game of chess follows or one of the teams has something to fight for and it was the later for Cumnor 1 on Monday night. Cowley 3 needed a result (a win or a draw) against Cumnor 1 to stay up, if Cumnor 1 won Bicester 1 would be relegated in their place. Liam was the first to finish a win on bottom board and Daniel was next he made a real fight of it but lost. With the emotions running high Simon’s opponent tried to claim a draw with only 12 seconds left. The game had just reached drawish position (a draw with correct play), a long discussion started with two outcomes agreed, if the result mattered it would be sent off to George Spalding for a decision. My personal view is that the game would still be awarded to Simon because you can’t claim a draw in a theoretical draw. If it didn’t matter to the result Andrew would resign. With that getting sorted out in the other room, Andrew lost his game saying better theory could have changed the result. Zoe actually sacced a pawn to keep the knight on the wrong side of the board long enough to force a draw. Gareth’s game went down to the wire with only minutes on both clocks but Gareth resigned when he lost an important pawn. That made the result 3.5 to Cowley 3 meaning they would stay up and Andrew resigned. The final score was 3.5-2.5, Cowley were happy to stay up and even though we lost on the night it was an end to good season for Cumnor. The end of season will follow after every match has finished.

Going down to the wire…

We are into the last few weeks of the season, but there is still plenty to play for.

In Division 1, Witney 1 are the champions winning 11 games out of 11, while MCS/B1 are going to be relegated back to division 2.

At the top of division 2, Witney 2 and Didcot 1 have only one game between each other to settle the title, a shoot out!

A win or draw for Didcot 1 will mean they are Champions while a win for Witney 2 means they will receive the title.

Both have been at the top of the division for most of the season with a massive 9 points between Witney 2 in second and Cumnor 1 in third, the difference between third and last is 8 points.

At the wrong end of the table it’s gone down to one game. Cowley 3 play Cumnor 1 on Monday and any result for Cowley 3 will save them at the expense of Bicester 1.

In Division 3, is all done and dusted with Didcot 2 winning the title and Abingdon School being relegated with a game in hand.

Division 4 is an all-Witney affair, at the top is Witney 4 and at the bottom are Witney 5. Cumnor 2 currently sit 4th with 5 wins 2 draws and 5 losses.

The Frank Wood Shield, in the final is between Didcot 1 and Oxford City 1.

New Grades, Trophy Night, ect

Liam enjoying a pint from the Players Cup Trophy
Liam enjoying a pint from the Players Cup Trophy

The New Grades where released this week and can be found here.

Last night was the Trophy presentation night for the 2013 Players Cup. The final positions where as follows:-
1st Liam
2nd Gareth
3rd Steve

The 2014 Players Cup has already started with 17 players battling it out for the top prize, it will be very competitive this year.

Cumnor 2 played a match on Monday evening against Cowley 4 and drew 3-3

Cumnor 1 v Cowley 3 [Match Report]

Thursday night saw Cumnor 1 gain another win in the league to make it 4 wins in a row.

Cumnor 1 Cowley 3
1 Stevens, Gareth (149) 1-0 Marcus, Clifford (163)
2 Varney, Andrew (146) 1-0 Keeling, David (144)
3 Terrington, Simon () ½ – ½ Mate, Maria (140)
4 Glenn, Liam (140) ½ – ½ Viscu, Catalin (139)
5 Varney, Daniel (133) 1 – 0 Taylor, John F (137)
6 Sayers, Mark (134) 1 – 0 Stanley, William (Bill) (128)
Match played: 23 Jan 2014 5-1

Cumnor 1 fielded an unchanged team for the match and in typical fashion the first person to finish was Daniel, his opponent blundered a Knight in the midgame. Andrew went a piece for a couple of pawns up in the opening and went on to win. Liam and Simon entered drawish endgames and both agreed draws within seconds of each other, Liam was waiting for Simon to agree a draw so that his draw wound put us 3-1 up! Mark finished next with another win to make the win safe for Cumnor and Gareth playing on top board gained his first win of the season to complete the rout. Cumnor 1 are now in 3rd, the table can be found here.