Mike Duck Online Tournament: The Final Rounds

Sorry this is a bit delayed I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks.

Cumnor 2 definitely blew hot and cold this tournament, with a bye in the first round they had the unfortunate task of playing Oxford 1 and Oxford University 2 in second and third rounds, both of these matches ended 6-0. In the forth round the result was another 6-0 but this time to Cumnor 2, beating Cowley 2. The fifth round saw the closest match against Cowley 1, with Cowley defaulting one game Cumnor ran into a 2- (negative) 1 lead. However, Cowley 1 had to fight for the remaining games and maybe on a different day Cumnor 2 might held out but it wasn’t meant to be. This would have been the shock of the tournament if it had happened.

The final round had Cumnor 2 pitted against Oxford City 2 and this time the result was back in our favour with a 4.5-1.5 win. Overall Cumnor 2 did very well, beating the other “2” teams they played against and finished respectably in mid-table above such powerhouses as Witney 1 and Banbury 1!

After the first three rounds of the Mike Duck Online Tournament Cumnor 1 was sat in a healthy position near the top of the table with 2 wins and a loss. The problem with this is that you end up playing some tough teams! Our forth round match was against Witney 1, in the furloughed 2019-20 season Witney 1 was one of only 3 teams who finished above Cumnor 1, so was this the chance we needed to show what we could have done if we had played the final few matches? The answer is yes, a good 4.5-1.5 win.

However, in our fifth round match we were up against the second strongest team in the tournament, a match against Oxford City 1 (this means we have played all the teams who finished above us in the league). In what was probably the best match of the competition Cumnor 1 pulled the rabbit out of the hat and got the win. Nick agreed a draw with 4 games still to go after looking at the remaining matches and prophesying that we would eventually win, Nick got any numbers for the lottery this weekend?

Mark’s match is a particularly nice win with a galavanting King and a couple of pawns which the whole game revolved around, Ian has put together all the games and they can be found here if you chance a watch.

Going into the final round first place was still within our grasp, well it would take an amazing set of results but we still had a chance. A Cumnor win and an Oxford Uni loss of 5-1 or more would mean we would win the tournament, a win would guaranty second place while a lost or draw would drop us down the table. Cowley 1 had all the big guns out and sadly we fell at the final hurdle losing 3.5-2.5. Oxford Uni won against Banbury so they won the First Mike Duck Tournament and deservedly so. Cumnor 1’s final position was third a very good achievement. The final table can be found here.

The Second Mike Duck Tournament starts on the 18th January 2021 with 4 player a teams so there might be (for the first time ever) a Cumnor 3! We are still planning to have online chess on a Thursday night over Christmas (again for the first time), if you aren’t up to much on Christmas eve or New Years eve… and lets be honest their isn’t much going on so you might as well.

So please have a Merry and Safe Christmas and New Year and hopefully next year we will get back to playing over the board chess. We will have a mighty celebration once we do!

Mike Duck Online Tournament: Round 3

Another week down and another round of the Mike Duck Online Tournament. Both teams had been given reasonably difficult draws in the third around. With two wins from two Cumnor 1 played one of the favorites, Oxford University 1 a team who has been winning pretty much everything locally over the last few years.

While Cumnor 2 have one win and one loss, with the win being a bye in the first round. The bye pushed the team up the table and has caused them to play some tough teams in this case Oxford University 2.

Cumnor 2 suffered another 6-0 loss against Oxford University 2 on Thursday but both Graham and Gareth had some chances during the course of the match.

Board Cumnor 2 Oxford University 2
1 (B) Stevens, Gareth 0 – 1 Enescu, Tudor
2 (W) Carr, Robin 0 – 1 Finn, Chris
3 (B) Bennett, Steven 0 – 1 Pearson, Taylor
4 (W) Cluley, Grahamg 0 – 1 Rochowicz, Nils
5 (B) Hudson, Andrew 0 – 1 Moss, Thomas
6 (W) Monteiro, Pedro 0 – 1 Cinaroglu, Suleyman
Total 0 0 – 6

Cumnor 1 lost 4-2 which is actually the best result by a team playing against Oxford University 1 so far this season. Ian and Nigel picked up the wins, Nigel’s game was particularly enjoyable with a queen sac to promote a pawn in the midgame. At one point it was 2-2 but the match fell away from us.

Board Cumnor 1 Oxford University 1
1 (B) Burrows, Nick 0 – 1 Mihov, Filip
2 (W) MacQueen,Stuart 0 – 1 French, Max
3 (B) Moyse, Nigel J 1 – 0 Miller, Dominic
4 (W) Alizada, Eldar 0 – 1 Fu, Yuting
5 (B) Sayers, Mark 0 – 1 Ramaiya, Anshu
6 (W) Bush, Ian 1 – 0 Bacon, Nicolas
Total 0 2 – 4 Total 0

If you would like to take a look at the tournament, see the results and fixtures along with the table it can be found here.
The draw for round four happened last night after the end of the matches, Oxford University 1 v Oxford City 1 is THE stand out match.

Mon 16 Nov University 1 : Oxford City 1
Mon 16 Nov Witney 2 : Cowley 1
Mon 16 Nov Cowley 2 : Cumnor 2
Mon 16 Nov Oxford City 2 : Abingdon 1
Thu 19 Nov Cumnor 1 : Witney 1
Thu 19 Nov University 2 : University 3
Thu 19 Nov Banbury 1 : Didcot 1

Cumnor 1 and 2 have similarly ranked opponents next week which should create some good games.

Mike Duck Online Tournament: Round 2

Both teams had tough matches this week in the Mike Duck Online Tournament.

Lets start with Cumnor 2, with a bye in the first round Cumnor 2 got thrown in with the big boys, this lead to a difficult match verse Oxford City 1.

Home Oxford City 1 Cumnor 2 Away
1 (B) Manley, Jon 1 – 0 Carr, Robinr
2 (W) Cont, Arya 1 – 0 Bennett, Steven
3 (B) White, Stuart 1 – 0 Cluley, Graham
4 (W) Hayward, Philip 1 – 0 Hudson, Andrew
5 (B) Tselos, Ross 1 – 0 Crittenden, Mark
6 (W) Brown, Matthew 1 – 0 Monteiro, Pedro
Total 6 – 0 Total

There was a very large average grade difference, average grade City 1 was 185 while Cumnor 2 had an average grade of 90. So the 6-0 result was probably expected.

Sean Terry the captain had a positive comment on the match “Not with standing the lopsided score, well done Cumnor 2 for keeping the tension on the top four boards; overall, they certainly deserved to get a score on the board somewhere!”

With Cumnor 1 winning (without the help of a bye) their first round match against Witney 2 they were given a match against Oxford University 2.

This match was very close and ended with a 3-3 draw with 3 wins each, all on the white boards!

Home Oxford University 2 Cumnor 1 Away
1 (B) Saravanan, Karthik 0 – 1 Moyse, Nigel J
2 (W) Enescu, Tudor 1 – 0 Burrows, Nick
3 (B) Hahn, Lilli 0 – 1 Terrington, Simon
4 (W) Pearson, Taylor 1 – 0 Bush, Ian
5 (B) Rochowicz, Nils 0 – 1 Sayers, Mark
6 (W) Cinaroglu, Suleyman 0 – 0 Glenn, Liam
Total 0 2 – 3 Total 0

However, if you look closely at the result it finished 3-2 to Cumnor 1?!?

Ian explains what happened to the game on the bottom board “Unfortunately board 6 was played as “casual” rather than rated, and so by the rules of the competition it is scored 0-0 despite it being a white win over the board. The University Captain did try, unsuccessfully, to contact his player about this.”

With Liams loss being discarded it means another win for Cumnor 1, putting us joint top with 2 wins from 2!

If you would like to take a look at the tournament, see the results and fixtures along with the table it can be found here.

The draw for round three happened last night after the end of the matches, Abingdon School have joined this week so no more byes.

Thu 12 Nov Cumnor 1 : University 1
Mon 09 Nov Cowley 1 : Oxford City 1
Mon 09 Nov Witney 1 : Witney 2
Thu 12 Nov University 3 : Didcot 1
Thu 12 Nov Cumnor 2 : University 2
Mon 09 Nov Abingdon 1 : Banbury 1
Mon 09 Nov Oxford City 2 : Cowley 2

Cumnor 1 v Oxford University 1
Cumnor 2 v Oxford University 2

Nice and symmetrical then but not exactly easy!

Mike Duck Online Tournament: Round 1

The season started with a bang last night as Cumnor 1 won against Witney 2 in the first round of the Mike Duck Online Tournament.

Home Cumnor 1 Witney 2 Away
1 (B) MacQueen, Stuart ½ – ½ Moss, Patrick
2 (W) Alizada, Eldar 1 – 0 Gilders, Ian
3 (B) Burrows, Nick 1 – 0 Kilbride-Newman, Robert (Bob)
4 (W) Terrington, Simon 1 – 0 Turner, Roger
5 (B) Glenn, Liam 1 – 0 Manning, Charlie
6 (W) Stevens, Gareth 1 – 0 Tomkys, Tony
5½ – ½

The five wins and the single draw puts Cunmor 1 at the top (joint along with City 1) of the early season table. Cumnor 2 had a bye in the first round and therefore sit in the top half. However, Cumnor 2 have been “rewarded” with a match against City 1 in the second round draw with the match scheduled for Monday evening. Cumnor 1 will play against Oxford University 2 who overcame Witney 1 in their first match, on Thursday.

If you would like to take a look at the tournament, see the results and fixtures along with the table it can be found here.

It looks like both teams will have a tougher week next than last!

First Mike Duck Online Tournament

Well it has taken a lot of effort and time but the season finally starts online next week. The First Mike Duck Online Tournament will take place over the next 6 weeks starting 26th October and the second tournament will start after Christmas and will last 8 weeks.

The first round has taken place and Cumnor 1 will be playing Witney 2 on Thursday while Cumnor 2 got a bye.

1 Didcot 1 : University 1 (Mon 26th)
2 Witney 1 : University 2 (Mon 26th)
3 Cowley 2 : Oxford City 1 (Mon 26th)
4 Cumnor 1 : Witney 2 (Thur 29th)
5 Oxford City 2 : Banbury 1 (Mon 26th)
6 Cowley 1 : University 3 (Mon 26th)
7 Cumnor 2 : BYE

The draw will normally take place the Friday morning after the final match of the round.

Before the start of the season have been asked to play a preseason friendly against Didcot 1 to sort out any teething problems on Thursday evening (22/10) kicking off at 8:00.

A link to the match can be found below and once the match starts you should be able to find the individual matches.